Origins of Stock Characters. Stock characters are instantly recognizable to members of a given culture. A stock character can be defined as a stereotypical person representing a type in a conventional manner and recurring in many works. Stock character definition, a character in literature, theater, or film of a type quickly recognized and accepted by the reader or viewer and requiring no development by the writer. A stock character is a flat character that is instantly recognizable by readers. See more. Stock characters aren’t necessarily flat either, though you do have to be careful with them. Stock Characters Click on the class or stock character below to see a character analysis compiled from years of research and performance. Moreover, the foil helps reveal the differences between the two characters. But actaully they needed mentoring and guidance form the wise old man as much as the other young people, and also the stock characters. Stock Character. Examples of the God-Like Alien archetype include Q from Star Trek, The Master Control Program in Disney's Tron, the Kurii from John Norman's Gor books, and the Ancients and the Ori from Stargate SG-1 Additional development can be provided, or these figures may simply remain simplistic and used as contrast for others in a story. Arlechinno. Notable characters include Hermione Granger(Harry Potter), Jeanne Foucault(Avengers Academy), Matilda Wormwood(Matilda), Bruce Banner(Avengers) and Nanna Iwaldidottir(Thor) They're like the messagers in Shakespeare who only exist to deliver a letter, or to introduce some needed exposition. 10. Examples of Stock Characters Many stories use the stock character of a “Jock” and “Nerd”, characters who are more brawny than brainy, and brainy and socially awkward respectively. Hodor. Stock characters are often taken from source material, sometimes as an homage and other times as a blatant rip-off. The Commedia dell' Arte employs basic stock characters, fictional people who are amusing, predictable, and two-dimensional. Tweet Share Post Bookmark. A stock character is a conventional character that's instantly recognizable to readers because it pops up everywhere. It was not uncommon for an actor in a Commedia dell’Arte troupe to play the same stock character for most of his or her career. You can sum up their role in the story in a sentence or less and people will know … These stock characters in melodrama are based on set personalities or characters. Pantalone. Adventuress. Static examples: Mr Collins, Miss Havisham, Harry and Zinnia Wormwood (Matilda’s parents), Sherlock Holmes (a rare static protagonist), Karen Smith. Pedrolino. Stock settings (the tropical island paradise in a romance, for example) that feel predictable and thinly drawn; If you’re building a fantasy world, for example, avoid clichéd setting by thinking about: Authenticity: In George R. R. Martin’s Song of Earth and Fire books, even favourite central characters often die. Flavio . Columbina. Therefore, rather than having realistic and complex characters, melodramas have something called stereotypical or stock characters. They're also stereotypes, as you said. Dottore. The Stock Characters of Commedia Dell'Arte in Modern Entertainment Bonus Points for name Bonus point for the show Bonus point for her name What is Commedia Dell'Arte? Well-selected stock characters (e.g., a wise old man or a puffed-up military officer) can serve as an effective foil for a main character, particularly in comedy, but they aren’t compelling as protagonists. Vittoria. The list is headed by the company Keurig Green Mountain, whose stock rose by 7729 percent. A stock character is a stereotype or a flat character. 9. Stock character. Definitions of examples. Some examples of stock characters are: Stock character, a character in a drama or fiction that represents a type and that is recognizable as belonging to a certain genre.. These stock characters play off of popular stereotypes of women (e. g. innocence, helplessness, etc.,) or, more recently, attempts to break these stereotypes (e. g. women's rights, feminism, etc.)
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