You could use the same general strategy with a children’s book or fiction books as well. You guys are awesome! “At Amazon, leaders write narratives for all plans, proposals, services, and investments.” That software tool is Publisher Rocket. – Quora, Unlock Intrinsic Motivation to Inspire Your Salespeople, Writing is Power: Supercharge Your Writing Process, Asynchronous Communication Is The Future Of Work. How Nathan Barry Built ConvertKit to $2.1 Million Per Month and Bought a Ghost Town, How to Buy and Grow a Website 5x in Just 7 Months, The Untold Story of Long Tail Pro: How I Built and Sold a Software Company for 7 Figures, How to Outsource Development Work as a Solopreneur, Behind the Scenes of a Content and Link Building Campaign with Mark Mars from Niche Website Builders, Google is Forcing a Major Shift in My Blogging Strategy, Building an Unlimited WordPress Development Service With WPTangerine founder Marcus Krupp, How to Start a Blog That Makes Money Using WordPress (Step by Step), 1 Year Old Amazon Affiliate Website Making $3,000 a Month: A Step by Step Case Study, 57 Real Ways to Make Money From Your Website, How to Build a Niche Website That Can Make $2,985 a Month, You can check out his podcast interview here, You can click here to sign up for a free webinar where he reveals his course, a more in-depth Kindle Launch Course on Udemy, Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take 5 Minutes of Less, Four Strategies for Creating Titles that Jump Off the Page, official Amazon Kindle Simplified Formatting Guide Here, How to Write an eBook Decription that Sells, How to Write Seductive Sale Copy Like Apple, Try publisher rocket to boost your amazon sales, Nick’s course right here that is currently 75% off, 72 places you can promote your Kindle eBook, submission tool to free Kindle sites right here, makes over $40,000 a month from Kindle books, Steve publishes books about habits and makes over $40,000 per month. I can see huge potential there…fantastic strategy. (The plan on the “makeover” and “fitness” is also brilliant). I’m impressed with your success as well. This can take a little bit of hunting around to find the perfect fit, but you should find a category that works well for your book. But how can you start with free book when it’s not possible?! Sarah x. Rather than go into details, I will say that your post has encouraged me to start this effort in 2015. However along these road to a new beginning, i think this post shows your seriousness. Great post! Even though it ended up fine, I could have done so much better if I had known someone like that. Thanks again! Steve Scott talks about not worrying so much about reviews, but they are important. This is the author or authors of the book. Steve Scott’s “Master Evernote”). I was more than happy to link to your site…has a lot of great resources that people should check out. Of those, our free version got us the most email optins by far, and the $2.99 version made the most money by far. Yes, the Amazon Best Sellers Rank is available for any category on Amazon. There are some Kindle Courses out there that don’t cover nearly as much as you did in this post. I can’t wait to get this published so I can start another book. Certain niches could have good success reaching out via email to bloggers that are relevant to your book. Yep, we are a bit blown away as well. I was able to ask both Jonny and Steve direct questions about how to build successful self publishing business on Amazon before I even considered writing my first book. Below I’ve just included the 30ish free eBook sites suggested by Sarah. That was done to drive up the free downloads on the last day, but to also get some sales for those people on the email list that missed the free download deadline. (If you recall), I also didn’t have good results: I’ve created 2 TOP quality books (20,000+ words written by professional writer and edited by a professional editor and professionally designed cover). Potential authors will definitely be able to succeed following the steps outlined above. HOWEVER… after talking with Johnny Andrews, I get the impression that if you write fiction and have a loyal following, you can sell crazy amounts of books. I think there is potential to create ebooks in other markets; however, we plan to just stick with the market we’ve picked for our authority project and expanding our library of book titles. Thanks Tung! Thank you so very much for this resource and if I ever need a kick in the rear to get my eBook complete I will just come back to this post! And if you do the additional marketing that I suggest below, you should get LOTS of downloads. This is an age old marketing tactic. The book is about 13,000 words long. Each unit at $0.99 in only worth about 35 cents. All the numbers, screenshots, and how I launched the book is 100% real. Now I have 2 places to send people when they email me asking what they need to do to make their first Amazon book successful. Which can take a ton of time. The best part about this business is that you can literally have something up and selling on the Amazon Kindle store in a relatively short period of time. Thank you for this awesome article – inspirational and helpful. This was my first kindle book, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Congrats on the success guys! It can take some time to learn all the ins and outs, but a great way to start is to use the auto complete function on Amazon as suggested by this great article on Try to make it clear right away what the reader is going to get from the book. Great job Spencer and Perrin! I just hit publish and will have my free days start in about 8 days, and would love to get those results. In addition, if you can provide personal stories from your own life or others to support those main points, your book will be much more interesting. And as we’ll see below, Steve utilizes the subtitle to great effect. Just incredible guys! It’s that easy. We were clearly getting lots of free downloads before this email went out, but the last day was definitely our biggest free day. Really through. Whether that’s parenting, camping, or business management; pick a niche that appeals to you and has a fairly large established audience. Once we switched the price to $2.99, the units ordered dropped dramatically. I was already writing a book to kindle and coincidentally you published this post. After all, just because you show up for a keyphrase doesn’t mean people will find you. Thanks again. I don’t have any specific advice other than to say, look at what other best selling books are doing and decide what covers you like. Guide to Real-Life Writing (Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature) [Richard Lederer, Richard Dowis] on Once our book went to $0.99 we were able to reach out to friends and family and get a couple more reviews. Great case study, Spencer! Now it’s time to choose a pricing strategy and list your book for sale! This is a great post, and packed full of useful info. Bezos is Amazon's chief writing evangelist, and his advocacy for the art of long-form writing as a motivational tool and idea-generation technique has been ordering how people think and work at Amazon for the last two decades—most importantly, in how the company creates new ideas, how it shares them, and how it gets support for them from the wider world. This is going to be the best way to get initial downloads and reviews. Thanks for the great tips Sandy! The entire process from idea to launch was really not that long. Getting as many as 20 reviews during the free period would be excellent! What you are about to read are the step by step details of how we were able to learn how to self-publish a book on the Amazon Kindle store (KDP) and how it has gone on to get 5,895 free downloads in the first 5 days and is now selling extremely well at $2.99. A big part of Amazon’s algorithm is determined by the number and rating of your book reviews. How do you determine if a niche is too saturated or not to try and enter? Phew! Is the success of our first book out of the ordinary? Wishing you well as you explore this new channel! Second you want to pick a broad enough market that at least a few titles could be written in the niche. This is something I’d like to do for a long time noe, maybe I should go and just start writing a book. It covers topics like, working with distributors and POD printers, listing the book with marketplaces like Amazon and others as well marketing an PR. Your brain is familiar with the way you write and will skip over mistakes that shouldn’t be there. This book is the #1 Best Seller in the Rivers category, but only has an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of 27,888 overall in the Kindle store. Thanks for this, really enjoyed reading this on my lunchtime. I’ll show you how with the 23 details steps below. I have my first ebook ready to go, but I’m not able to get much info on the copyright. I love all the information you provide. I do think that asking people to download or buy your book and then asking them to give an honest review is just fine (as long as you aren’t paying them to do so). I did the free promo for 2 days because I didn’t want to waste the 5 days ‘quota’ while I’m still figuring things out. I think you’ll like the results of the paid promos when you try them. Thanks! Thanks a lot. At Amazon Meetings and Beyond: The Pen Is Mightier Than the Word. Why? It takes a lot of time to sit down and write legal content but I have learned that this type of endeavor, once complete, will last for quite some time. These are worth about $1.31 each. And very timely for me as well, I hope to have my book out in the next few days and have been following Steve Scott since I heard him on your podcast. You’re allowed to enter into KDP Select and you get a bigger piece of the pie when you list your book at $2.99 or above. The Digital Nomad Lifestyle: How to Make Money, Travel, and Live a Balanced Life, How to Start a Successful Software Business: A Guide for Non-Technical Founders, Success Story: Making $250 a Month with a Website After 2 Months, Niche Site Project 4 Monthly Report for November 2018, 8x Earnings Growth for March 2019! Yep, the business potential of kindle books was never 100% clear for me either until I started researching the process and finally launched a book. The outline is not meant to be in depth, but rather just the general ideas and main points to be included in each chapter. As a result, you shouldn’t just stop trying to get reviews when your book is no longer free. This is your chance to put your copy writing skills to use! Waiting for such kind of posts again. P/S: The course by Nick Loper is great too. Amazon has Thanks Spencer! Obviously the search volume is different on Amazon, but it can give you an idea of what terms are searched for more than others. His course teaches you how to: Click here to learn more about Self Publishing School and begin your legacy, Find your book’s mentor with Self Publishing School. You can tell that someone just thought something up and slapped it on the cover. This post with about 7,400 words would sell quite good as kindle book by itself. I promote many books in amazon, but I am not sure how I can start a new one myself. This free period is your chance to really get on the map! So, if I were to going into the Dogs category, I could see that any book related to how Dogs and humans think and communicate is something that people buy. In addition, Steve has continued to write several excellent blog posts on his blog which he built with a WordPress theme, and has been willing to answer a few private questions via email. Hope this helps. Would you consider adding to your list of sites to promote to as well? I have been drafting ideas for a book for some time now, so this will be a great opportunity to make it official and submit it on Amazon. Author of The Amazon Way on IoT: 10 Principles for Every Leader from the World’s Leading Internet of Things Strategies. Amazon uses this “working backwards” approach because it forces the team to get the most difficult discussions out of the way early, Jassy says. What if I told you that even if you don’t have an audience or email list that you could learn how to self publish a book on Amazon and make it a best seller? If you ever want lunch in the tri-cities…let me know . We are not in the business of churning out books that no one wants to read. I think you’ll like Kindle publishing. We have already started our second book, and we expect the entire process from idea to launch to take about 30 days now that we know what we are doing. If all your books are on fishing for example, a person interested in catching Bass might also be interested in catching Rainbow Trout; so if you’ve written both these books you can get 2 sales instead of just one. We asked this person to email their list when there was only 24 hours left before our book went to $0.99. There are some links you shared that really are useful. Hello. Publishing an ebook on Kindle is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, but it was 100% worth it. If you want to know what book titles sell well, why not just go over to Amazon and start browsing the best sellers in various categories? Authors “self edit”. I launched my book from scratch, the same point that any of you out there would start from. The book is NOT in the make money online sector. Glad that I contributed a little bit to the success . Thanks Matt. Because they were the most efficient and exciting meetings I had ever attended for any company. Here’s one of them that perhaps you missed:, P.S. Great case study…shared so much detail it is really helpful! I think it could really help. I believe it took us around 3 months from idea to launch; however, a lot of that time was just us putting the book on the back burner as we worked on other projects. You can’t hide success under stone. Congrats! Thanks for mentioning! But just take a deep breath and remember: you can change your keywords at any time. We also picked up a couple of other “natural” reviews during the first week or so. haha, glad your motivation is re-kindled! how will these be managed and who would be responsible for this, Amazon or the author/writer? Let’s get serious about this great niche business idea. BlackHat techniques are, as anyone would expect, at the top of everyone’s strategy. Thanks Steve…we appreciate all the exceptional advice you’ve provided both publicly and privately to us along the way. Highly recommended. Thanks Sebastian! With so many talented freelance graphic designers, it’s very easy to find someone that will create a fantastic ebook cover for you for relatively cheap. And here’s another great blog post that shows what the different formatting options look like and how to apply them. As I look at this book and others in the “dogs” category, many of them are well under the #10,000 sellers rank. For $20 you can get another 2-3000 downloads. Perrin’s aunt only gave us 4 stars, but we’ve gotten over it. Reaching out to both Facebook groups and relevant blogs can be a good way to jump start downloads of your book. You can do the submissions yourself, or you can hire someone from like Nick Loper did. We see no reason to reveal the books or authority site at this point. Yes, please a Podcast on this would be great too. This book gave me a better understanding of myself, what’s possible in business (passive $100 every day), and we made a lot more money than we spent. There just isn’t enough interest from buyers on this subject. Copywriting is the easiest way to boost your Amazon sales quickly and efficiently, increase your conversions, improve your Best Sellers Rank & generate more profits. It’s great to see the potential of self publishing. I know this is basically a post on Amazon Kindle books and i am writing on amazon affiliates but this is so because of the way you have taken out the niche for writing the kindle book based on the rank. Ever. That’s why I need a proof reader , You both have a lot of experience? Yes, you can create a new pen name for different niches. Yes, stick with one niche per pen name. It shows you a multitude of ways to do the five key stages: Idea, Gather, Organize, Draft, and Revise. I’ve used a few of the sites you mentioned, (great list) and after years of experimenting, I know which ones work the best for me and which ones don’t. If your book is selling in a fairy popular category then you WILL get copy cats. We hired someone for $50 on Upwork to get our book in the proper format to upload to Kindle. I think you just need to pull the trigger and go through the process. At the core of everything Amazon does from systems to the way in which they compensate their employees is this obsession over the customer. Knowing the success your seeing with this Ebook related to your new Authority site, are you thinking about going back and creating Ebooks for any of your other existing niche sites (A Penny Shaved, the sites you purchased in 2014, etc…) or is this more of a tool you see moving forward as you create new online assets? Thanks so much for all the great info Spencer. I still enjoy muddling around with affiliate marketing and am earning monthly pocket money as an Amazon Associate. Perhaps its worth taking your audios and creating a text kindle version. Well done Spencer and Perrin on a inspirational post, it has certainly “re kindled” my motivation to finish and polish my first book. Perrin and I followed the steps of Nick Loper’s launch process from that guest post pretty closely. Again, I’ll let you do the math, but some of the days on the above chart are over the 0 per day mark. I’m not sure on the exact size of the list, but I do know that it sent close to 2,000 clicks. Are you still on track to clock $3k / mo.? The supporting benefits are clear! You should get started. Spencer Haws is the founder of You are simply pointing already hot prospects in the right direction. Looking forward to your next podcast which I guess will be about the same topic . You need to utilize all the marketing avenues that you can to help give your book the best chance of ranking well in Amazon naturally. I do upload books into the Kindle format using a Word.doc. After Apennyshaved, there were like 20 sites with the same Splash theme about same razors. Just because your book doesn’t get as many downloads as mine, doesn’t mean there are holes in my story. I’ve always hear that you can get leads and traffic from writing crappy short ebooks and publish them on free ebook websites. Even more inspiring is that you did this under the radar, without the NP audience’s help. For instance, I am from Croatia and after everyone in this chain get’s their part I would be left with almost nothing. Then we used the rest of the chapter to provide supporting evidence for why that tip works well. As far as length, you are in complete control. Absolutely. Do you just use a royalty picture or do you use your own picture? I think I’ll edit and convert my pdf’s into Kindle ebooks (condense some and add to others). “extra cautious against copy cats” ROTFL However, only about 50 characters actually show in search results, so best practice is to keep them in that range. In addition, Nick also created a more in-depth Kindle Launch Course on Udemy that we purchased as well and followed. Here’s the pricing strategy that we followed when launching our book, and it has worked extremely well: Listing your book for free should help you climb to the top of a few categories within Amazon. I’m learning a great deal from reading the comments here, also. At least for me, this helps guide me in the writing if I know what the end benefit I’ve already promised to the readers. You will list your book at The next few steps of the process are all about how to launch your book during that free period to make sure you pick up the momentum you need to perform well when your price goes up. ― John Rossman, The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles Behind the World's Most Disruptive Company. Writers write the way they were taught, which may not suit them at all, making their writing slow, painful, and not what they want to say. A bunch of questions: How much have you invested? So who knows! A great post guys, I’m surprised you’re so forgiving of Perrin’s aunt. Once it’s ready for launch, I’ll be sure to put these step to good use. First you want to make sure that people are actually buying books in this niche. People will feel like they are getting a $7 book for only $2.99…what a deal! But if you want a direct mentor to show you the ropes and give more personal guidance, there is an option. Regardless, the dimensions will trace out the exact same final result so it does not matter in what way you arrange the dimensions, nor how Amazon has them listed. Okay, it may be a couple weeks…but I’ll plan on doing a podcast on the subject. This is not just a random plan…this is a “proven” plan to whip you into financial shape. I already have a topic in mind I could leverage for this. I happened to read about Writing the Natural Way and just two chapters into the book, my life has changed! It usually averages $.004 to $.0045 per page read. Basic Geometry. has gained its wide popularity because of its perfect quality, quick services, and wide verities of products which lured consumes towards going for its products. For quite some time I have considered writing an eBook on personal injury or car accident lawsuits to help potential clients know if they are getting the proper amount from their insurance company. Will check again your blog often to read more valuable articles! This is a great article. Without disclosing your niche, could you suggest which is best for the rank beginner to tackle first, fiction or non-fiction? I have not had a chance to test different pricing strategies with my book just yet, but it’s certainly on the to-do list. If you want to write and sell your own book on Amazon, I have one piece of advice for you above all others. Then when you list your book for $0.99 it’s really the first time you can get some market validation for your book! In order to get additional keyword ideas you can use Long Tail Pro (I created Long Tail Pro). My process for brainstorming book topics is to write down about 10 different potential topics in my niche (from previous steps). About $150 for cover and $50 for proof reader/formatting. You said it’s best if you publish your book as free, with free promo, then bump the price to $0.99, then after 3-7 days bump to $2.99. This sounded like an essential part of your plan. I’ve never done a Udemy course, but my advice would be to start with one or the other (book v. udemy) and see how it goes. Do you know if the eBook format, Kindle or other, can be employed successfully for this type of product? For example, Steve’s Scott book is “Habit Stacking” has a full title and sub-title of, “Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take 5 Minutes of Less“. I’d rather make a book for free then. One topic i wanted more clarity on was the ISBN number and copyrights? I wouldn’t have been. It’s pretty simple, but effective. everything was detailed in the article and thanks for the marketing ideas. One of the blog posts on Steve’s blog is actually a guest post by Nick Loper from on how he launched a Kindle eBook and got 20,000 downloads in the first week. Is seems more honest (because it is). When Perrin and I launched our book here’s what we did (and you can do the same): About 50% of the family and friends we emailed actually gave it a review. (I sold 200 books in the first 3 days of the launch). It was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 (Amazon, n.d.) and the website went online on July 16, 1995 (Webley, 2010). we’ve only experimented with three prices: free, $0.99 and $2.99. You had a couple great podcast guests that helped and this article is great. The trick for writing perfect Amazon product titles is a bit of an enigma in the SEO world. Any resources on how to get the most downloads for your buck? This is a print on demand service owned by Amazon…so don’t worry about stocking and shipping any physical books on your own. Writing the Natural Way: Turn the Task of Writing into the Joy of Writing, 15th Anniversary Expanded Edition Great job! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to write a book that only sells 1 copy a day. There is no upfront capital required to create a listing that is compelling, unique, and persuasive. 2. However, the reality is that people DO make snap judgments about not just the cover, but also the title and overall feeling they get when they read it and the book description. However, the length of book really depends on your overall goals and strategy. One question I have for you is how long did it take you to from the point you decided to write your book till was published and successful? I can’t emphasize this enough. Before I go into the step by step process below, I have to share that I didn’t figure out this process on my own! Probably next to spamming Google to death, Amazon is just 2nd in line with fake reviews all over the place. I also drove paid traffic to my books when they’re free, again via Facebook. Hello Spencer, thanks for your response. Such a shame that all this great info is in English and I am targeting the German market but after reading this, I guess it is worth taking the risk , It’s great to see that you got back into writing longer and more indepth posts. I’m your fan and even though I don’t come here frequently.. but sometimes I bump in. Keith. Extremely helpful and very inspiring! So, now that you’ve had some success with your first Kindle eBook, it’s time to leverage that success by creating more and more books in your niche.

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