Here is the list of some FAQs. Reading answers to these FAQs will answer all the questions that are in your mind

For what reason would it be advisable to pick JN Cleaners over your rivals?

For some reason, you should choose JN Cleaners cleaning services. One of them is that because we are privately owned, we can generally meet with you face to face and provide you with the best advice. We also have fully trained, vetted, and insured cleaners, as well as have masterfully prepared staff and quality cleaners to ensure that the staff follows and adheres to legal guidelines. Our work schedule is rigorous, so we can provide you with the most dedicated and experienced cleaning crew. We take pride in being solid and dependable, and we work hard to ensure that our cleaning services exceed your expectations.

Do you offer affordable competitive rates?

We’re renowned for being affordable, reasonable, and flexible. Some cleaning organizations can offer lower rates since they don’t cover obligation protection or workers’ pay. JN Cleaners is glad to give these advantages that guarantee our clients’ inner peace while having affordable cleaning rates.

Are you pet friendly?

Indeed, we’re glad to be a pet-loving organization. To ensure the safety of our cleaners, we recommend that you leave your pets outside or in a gated area if they are aggressive. If you are not at home for any reason, please let us know so that we can devise a strategy.

How do I make a payment?

Payments must be made on the day of your appointment. we take payments in cash, check, or bank transfer. We normally email the invoice and the clients transfer the payment.

Imagine a scenario in which I want to reschedule a service?

JN Cleaners understands how unpredictable life can be. That is why we work with your schedule to ensure that we clean your home during a time that is generally convenient for you. If you want to cancel or reschedule a cleaning, we recommend calling 72 hours before your next scheduled help. We will make every effort to accommodate all of your booking requirements.

Cleaning Services FAQ

What if I need to change our cleaning contract?

You never need to stress over being gotten into a cleaning plan. Our adaptability is only one of the many advantages and it assists us with guaranteeing the fulfillment of thousands of commercial holders across London.

What cleaning services JN Cleaners don’t offer?

We don’t give regular cleaning services very much like housewives really do consistently like dusting, regular bedroom, regular kitchen cleaning. Our expert cleaning services are intended to keep your business property comfortable and clean.

To guarantee we give your home the greatest of care, we don’t commonly:

Clean toys
Clean the inside of your fireplace
Pick up clutter
Clean your iron
Do laundry
Wash dishes

Do I need to be home when you are cleaning?

No, as long as you have a method for giving us access when you are not home there is no reason for you to must be there. But, if it makes you feel greater we invite you to remain and watch what we do. All of our cleaners are fully trained, vetted, and insured cleaners, so make sure to give them sufficient room to finish their work.

What Cities/Areas Does JN Cleaners Serve?

Jn Cleaners offer reasonable cleaning administrations in the London region including Clapham, Putney, Wimbledon, and Kensington.

Do you provide the cleaning equipment?

Indeed, we provide cleaning equipment and materials, which can be left nearby or, if desired, taken to the cleaning site on the days of the cleaning. A complete breakdown and price list for our consumable items will also be included in the proposal.

What if there isn’t enough parking space for the cleaners?

Please keep in mind that our cleaning crews will require parking. If you live in a city or an area where parking is difficult, please contact us and let us know if you have a private car parking spot available or if public parking is available. Any parking fees will be charged in addition to the service. Additional charges may apply if the parking provided is more than 100 meters from your home.

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