Upholstery Steam Cleaning

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Upholstery cleaning involves cleaning any furniture that is dirty and could do with a bit of steam cleaning. It may sound intimidating but actually it isn’t very difficult to clean the furniture with steam all by yourself. The furniture ends up looking like new and you save a bunch of money as well. So only hire an upholstery steam cleaning company when you are sure that you won’t be able to do it by yourself.

Steam-clean the upholstery to keep it fresh and looking good at least once a year or more. It becomes even more important when you have pets in your home. Cats and dogs are often outside and their paws aren’t the cleanest, top it off with all the hair they drop off on the furniture, it become extremely important to clean it in order to maintain hygiene.

Upholstery cleaning

Try the following upholstery steam cleaning tips to ensure that it remains fresh and clean.

Prepare the Upholstery for Steam Cleaning

It is important that you thoroughly clean and vacuum the area where you will be working. If you are planning on using a particular cleaning solution along with steam, now is the best time to try it. Use a bit of it on a fabric that is similar to the furniture to ensure that the fabric won’t be bleached out of color and ruined.

Begin Steam Cleaning Your Upholstery

Load the steam cleaner as suggested on the bottle of the steam cleaning solution. Affix the proper attachment to steam cleaner’s upholstery connection and adjust the cleaner’s strength to the proper setting. Seek advice from your steam cleaner’s manual to find out the correct way to go about it.

Turn on your steam cleaner and commence the cleaning process.

Apply the steamed water and cleaning solution to the furniture using long and even strokes. Start off by cleaning one part of your furniture at a time. You can also clean cushions to perfection using steam. Don’t forget to stem both the front and the back sides.

Dry the Upholstery Well

Permit your recently cleaned furniture to fully dry before going on to use it. Letting it air-dry is the best option. Position fans around the steam-cleaned furniture to accelerate the drying process. This will also help reduce the chances of mildew and mold forming on your upholstery.

Apply Your Finishing Touches

You have just successfully cleaned your upholstery, so have a little patience and don’t be in a rush to use it again. Hindering the drying process may end up ruining your furniture. If, in case, you still some stains on the upholstery despite the vigorous cleaning, then repeat the steam-cleaning process until you achieve satisfactory results.

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