Jeremie Scott says on 03/08/2012 9:25 am

I have enrolled for the monthly cleaning service of JN Cleaners for my coaching institute which has 12 rooms.
As lots of students come every day here the place gets really dirty. Their monthly service ensures that every month the entire coaching institute is cleaned from top to bottom.
They also customize the cleaning process according to my directions. They have an excellent team of professionals who provide cleaning service to the highest standard.
Also as am a regular customer they provide me special services designed according to the needs of my institute. They provide a through deep cleaning every time and that too at affordable price. Their reliability, promptness, quality of service and commitment to provide the best service amazes me every time.
Their service is really appreciated and I would recommend their service anyone who requires any service.

Just give them a call and they will design the best service package suited to your need.

Aaron Hughes says on 03/08/2012 9:17 am

We recently purchased a home and the place needed deep cleaning. JN cleaners came with a fantastic team of 3 professionals and provided excellent cleaning services. They were very professionally efficient and cleaned the house with great commitment and care. The bathrooms are glistening and the appliances are dust free. They even reached the ceiling and dusted the fans and lightings. We were still shifting our belongings and had couple of renovators working too. The JN Cleaner guys coordinated with the workers and cleaned the house to get it ready for us. They provide just the right service trimmed to your requirement. They are friendly and also their quality of service be is commendable. Their consistency and thoroughness in cleaning surpasses any expectation. They ensure that the house is left spotless before they leave.

A great service I would highly recommend for anyone who needs any kind of cleaning.

SBS Solutions says on 03/06/2012 8:31 pm

I’ve hired JN Cleaners twice and I couldn’t be more pleased. First time they arrived on extremely short notice after we returned from a month trip and found our house full of dust. I had never seen my house so clean. They even helped us to unpack the furniture that we had covered before leaving the house. They also told me about the new ant house that was in the backyard and helped me get rid of it. The second time I hired them for my monthly house cleaning. As I had already talked on phone about by special requirements the workers came all equipped with tools that would be required. They had clear directions about the number of rooms and also my special requirements as window polishing etc. So I just had to show them around and then started with their magic while I relaxed in my garden. Well after the process the house looked cleaner than I had ever expected.

Samuel Turner says on 03/06/2012 2:03 pm

I rented my house to a group of 4 bachelors for a year. After they vacated the house I could not believe it was the same house I rented a year before. Although the furnishings were the same still they dint look familiar. There were stains of tea and coffee all over the place. The store room was full of cobwebs and dust. The place looked havoc in the absence of cleaning for almost a year. We called the JN Cleaners and well thank god for their excellent cleaning service the house looks like it was indeed the one I rented. The floors are glistening now and all the stains have vanished. Well with JN Cleaners can rent my house again!